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Psychic medium amber lee

Tarot, runes, psychic mediumship, healing & Spirituality      


Tarot card readings, reiki healing, mediumship

Service page

Please enjoy looking through my list of services, I am sure you will find what you are looking for. I have natural psychic and healing abilities, therefore I can read with or without my tools. Thank you.

Online Telephone and Skype readings£30 for 45 minutes and £40 for 60 minutes

Home visits and group readings. I come to you or you to me.

I charge per person £30 for 45 minutes and £40 for 60 minutes, Please make sure you have a private quiet room where I can conduct my readings.

Spiritual and mediumship psychic readings £30 for 45 minutes and £40 for 60 minutes

Angel and tarot card readings £30 for 45 minutes and £40 for 60 minutes.

Reiki and spiritual healing £30 per session, however if you book a concession of six, I will charge you £25 per session

Hypnotherapy £60 per session,

However for the more intense therapies like giving up smoking, the charge is £70 per session.

Counselling, £30 per session

Thérapeutique massage, £30 per session

Life coaching £50 per session

Spells £50 per spell.

Groups, individual & home visit bookings are available. 

you can travel to me or me to you. You can come on your own or in a group of 3 but no more than 6. Unless it is a wedding birthday or any other event.

Please contact me for further information on my prices for events.

* Teaching the art of meditation, Lucid dreaming and astral projection, please ask me about my private lessons.

* Privately conducted healing and alternative Therapies are available, I prefer you to come to me for healing or a Therapy, unless your circumstances prevent you from traveling.

* Spiritual House cleansing. This is where I come to your home place of business or anywhere you know of that is haunted and move on unwanted spirits and bad energy.

* Please note I only do spells for luck love and positivity. There are certain times in the year that I conduct my spells therefore if you need a spell you have to book them in advance. I have had some very good results from my spell casting. 

How do you pay for a service?

please go to my payment page. However if you can't see the price for what you need then please contact me for further details.

Thank you for taking your time to visit my website xxx

[email protected]


Skype me: amber.lee709

Thank you for your time.

Amber Ja Lee